General Liability


General Liability coverage has various components available for different industries including:

  • Premises - the legal location where your business operates
  • Products - completed operations coverage
  • Advertising - legal liability coverage
  • Personal injury - slander coverage
  • Damage to property
  • Medical payments coverage  

Operations related to the timber industry are one of the primary industries we focus on. Claims under the general liability policy for loggers and truckers typically fall under the property damage section of the coverage.

For our logging clients, the following points of interest reflect coverage that would be provided through the general liability contracts offered by our agency:

  • Is there a risk of someone other than an employee getting hurt on the site being logged? Does a forester, mill representative, environmentalist, hunter, snowmobiler, equipment repair or salesperson ever come out to the logging site?
  • Can property not owned by the insured be at risk for some type of loss due to the actions of the insured? Do you ever load non-owned trucks that have been hired to haul your timber? Is there a possibility that the insured could mistakenly cut beyond the boundaries designated by the timber contract? Could the insured be responsible for a fire that burns additional forestland?
  • One final question-could someone other than the named insured and his employees suffer injury due to the operations of the business?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you probably see the need for General Liability coverage.

Now that you have agreed you need the coverage and assuming you are a logger, how would you feel about having an endorsement in your policy which excludes coverage for logging and lumbering?

Some insurance contracts provided to loggers have an endorsement which states that logging and lumbering is excluded from the general liability policy. The advantages of having General Liability coverage with us include:

  • We provide loggers with Broad form coverage which does not exclude logging and lumbering from the policy but rather addresses the coverage needs identified in the section above.
  • Requests for Certificates of Insurance are handled in a timely and professional manner. We handle certificate requests from mills and government land agencies on a regular basis.
  • We have been a spokesperson for the timber industry when insurance issues relating to the logging industry have surfaced with the various counties involved in timber harvesting throughout Minnesota.
  • You can feel confident that the people serving you through our agency serve a dual purpose: to understand the insurance products that we market, as well as the timber industry and how the insurance products fit your particular needs. The loggers and truckers we work with know the importance we place on understanding the different components of a logging business and the emphasis we place on meeting your needs in a timely manner every time you call.
  • You will receive a product worthy of the price you pay and you can feel confident that it is a competitively priced product.
  • You will be working with an agency that is centrally located in the heart of Minnesota’s forestlands.
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Located in Grand Rapids Minnesota, situated in the middle of Minnesota's lakes and forests. In addition to personal insurance coverages which include life, auto, home, and recreational vehicle coverages, we also specialize in coverage for the timber industry.