Boat Insurance


Watercraft come in many shapes and sizes.
Their insurance policies should, too.

Canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and other similar small non-motorized units are typically treated the same as motorized units when considering insurance coverage. These types of watercraft are generally easier to add onto an existing homeowners policy than a motorized unit, but you should still talk with us about the coverage details to make sure it is the best option for you.

Ski boats, runabouts, bass boats, pontoons and personal watercraft such as jet skis all have more significant value and a greater potential for injury. Owners should give serious consideration to providing insurance coverage specifically for these motorized units. While you may be able to add an endorsement to an existing homeowners policy for coverage on this type of boat, it may not always be the best option. Because there is a greater risk of a loss occurring with motorized watercraft, if they are added onto your homeowners policy it means any claims arising from your boat could negatively affect your homeowners premium. In addition, these endorsements may have limitations on certain types of coverage, as well as limitations to coverage depending on where the damage/accident occurred.

Along with protecting your homeowners policy and providing coverage for your boat on the water, getting a separate watercraft policy can provide even more extra coverage options tailored to your specific wants and needs.

Typically, a watercraft policy will include the following standard coverage:

  • Liability
    • This coverage protects you for the legal liability you incur due to an accident that involves injury or damage to property.
  • Physical Damage Coverage
    • Comprehensive
      • This covers your boat in the event of damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, or animals.
    • Collision
      • This covers your boat in the event of damage caused when you collide with another object, such as other motorized vehicles, or trees and other objects in the water.

Supporting coverage that we highly recommend:

  • Medical Payments
    • This covers medical bills related to a boat accident up to the limit on your policy. If this coverage is not on your policy, you could be responsible for the full out of pocket cost of medical bills. This coverage is especially crucial for any units that might be used to pull water skiers, wake boarders or tubers because the risk of someone getting injured increases greatly.
  • Uninsured Boaters
    • If you are in an accident and the other boat is at fault, but they either don't have insurance or don't have enough insurance, that's when this coverage kicks in. This coverage is paid to you, the policy holder, for lost wages and medical treatments you would have received from the other party if they had a policy in force. This is a way to help protect yourself in case another driver is not carrying adequate insurance coverage.

Optional coverage:

  • Roadside Assistance/Towing - primarily used for repairs of flat tires on boat trailers or other emergency repairs that might be needed for the trailer holding the boats
  • On-water towing and labor - coverage to help if you get stranded on the water
  • Fuel spill liability coverage
  • Custom parts - coverage for equipment, devices, accessories, enhancements and changes other than those which the original manufacturer installed, which alter the appearance or performance of the unit. Items like this should be declared so the proper coverage can be determined and provided:
    • Fish locaters
    • Down riggers
    • GPS systems
    • Kicker or trolling motors
  • Personal Belongings & fishing equipment
    • Depending on the items you frequently bring with while fishing, you have the option to add additional coverage for them on your watercraft policy. This would cover items such as fishing equipment, clothing, or even your phone if it was damaged or stolen.
  • Replacement Cost coverage for new boats
    • This is a specialty coverage that can be very valuable to owners of newer boats, models 5 years old or less. In the event of a total loss, this coverage would replace the current boat with a new boat that is, to the extent possible, the same make and model which contains comparable equipment. If the exact boat is not available, a comparable model will be substituted. This coverage would require the damage to the boat be enough that it requires replacement, not just repair. If the boat model is over 5 years old, the company will still pay the actual cash value or agreed value stated on the policy for replacement.

Possible Discounts

Discounts depend on the company providing the coverage and vary depending on the drivers, the type and age of the boat, motor HP's, and more. These are just some of the discounts available with our companies:

  • Safe boater record
  • Multi-policy (more than 1 type of policy with the same company)
  • Multi-vehicle (more than 1 boat on the same policy)
  • Safety Course Completion
  • Pay in Full (paying your policy premium all at once instead of in payments)
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