Equipment Insurance

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Evans Insurance Agency specializes in insurance coverage for loggers and logging equipment.

It is just one part of the coverage that we have available for the loggers we serve.

Our experience and knowledge of the timber industry makes it easy for us to communicate with and understand the needs of loggers we encounter.

We are aware that logging is a changing industry and we try to keep abreast of the latest methods of operation and the equipment needed by the loggers to efficiently harvest our valuable timber resources.

We have three primary insurance companies that we work with for this coverage. Each of these insurance companies have a long history of providing insurance coverage for heavy equipment operators and we feel that they are committed to providing coverage for the timber industry for many years to come.

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Located in Grand Rapids Minnesota, situated in the middle of Minnesota's lakes and forests. In addition to personal insurance coverages which include life, auto, home, and recreational vehicle coverages, we also specialize in coverage for the timber industry.